sexta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2008

Login without downloading the game!

Yes, it is possible. With "movablelife" (site) you can login without downloading the game, and you can do almost everything: Manage your inventory, chat with friends...
But you see a map with a "point" (that is you), instead of the 3D avatar.
Very attractive for those who need to login and dont have time to download it.

Link to MovableLife

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Business Owners

Do you own a bussiness at Second Life? So you can advertise it for free at Earn2Life business directory!

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Join Second Life

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segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2008


Get Paid in ANY metaverse!

metaRL is a portal for everyone who visits virtual worlds. You can particiate in games, surveys, tasks, and contests and earn virtual world currency.

You earn metaPoints here at, and these points can be converted and transfered to online virtual worlds. Right now you can request payouts be sent to your account in SecondLife, Entropia, or IMVU.

metaPoints are points you earn with metaRL. Instead of earning SecondLife Lindens, Entropia Peds, or IMVU Credits you will be paid in metaPoints. These points
accumulate on our site and you can transfer them into any virtual world account you like!
You can earn as much as you like! We offer tons of options on earning points. You can particiate in surveys, play games on our site, participate in community contests, tweak your myspace account, submit a coke code, and a lot more. We are always coming up with new and interesting ways to earn some extra virtual world money.

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sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2008


Sandy Holmer gives 100L$ for your opinion about a topic every month. Easy....Easy Lindens :)

Earn With Linksoapbox

Profile Picks / Picks Camping

This is one of the easy ways to get fast lindens.
Go to the "Search" and type: Picks Camping
Then go to the places.
There you will find an object that looks like this one of the picture (or other one that looks like a picks camping object).
Click on it.
Then add the place to your profile picks (edit / profile / picks / new / ok).
Now wait 24 hours and go to the place again.
Click on the object again and Thats it! You will earn 50L$ fot doing almost nothing.
Do it some times and you will earn some fast and easy money :)

How to make a SLurl

Go to the SLurl Builder site and make it :)


First Opinions Panel

First Opinions Panel is a non-profit organization thet gives 500L$ to 1000L$ per survey or research that you'll answer. You can earn more than 1000L$ every month just for filling 2 to 4 surveys they release. This is one of the best ways of earning Lindens.

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Slam X is a virtual bank that gives 50L$ linden dollars instantly when you sign-up. It’s a bank that offers free lindens through interest rates, sign-up freebie and a referral system that gives 50L$ free lindens for every individual you invite to join Slam X and those who you invited will also receive 50L$ when they sign-up. And you also earn 5L$ for each post on the Forum.

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Earn2Life - Earn 1000L$ Daily!

Earn2Life offer surveys and just forms to fill-up that you can do for just 2 minutes each and gives you from 17L$ to 90L$ EACH! At Earn2Life you earn money by completing free offers. These offers will be to sign up with various companies online. You are only to sign up with those that you are really interested in. You will get paid L$20 - L$100 depending on which country you are from and your membership level for every offer you take.

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